Friday, November 27, 2009

Dad - my guiding force!!!

You walk beside them
You feel.....they have always been there

Yet..... when you meet them,
You realize they never meant to be there

Says my dear old dad

"That does not mean they are bad,

just because it makes you sad
It sure does make you mad
atleast you know where you stand........

"You ought to be glad
For where you stand

As life may not always be fair
So bury the potholes with fresh sand

Difficult as I try...
It does make a difference....
To look beyond people for what they are

for perception is from what you hear
which may be different from what they are

Ignorant about a zillion things
Innocent about a few more

Somehow with dad around
Everything lost seems found

A guidng force....filled with cheer.

A support system ....always near
Reassurance ....crushing all my fear

A soulful pure and clear

Dynamic, Strong, fearless, honest
Simplicity and intelligence at its best

I simply cannot cease to thank God

For having blessed me with someone so dear!

Pa - you simp
ly are the Best!!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Life…at its best

A parchment….she finds,
Starts working on her mind
Rewinding her time
Held her through the grind

Holding it with a firm hand
Least important though it may be
Not wanting to leave it behind.
Ironical as it may seem,

She does not want to let go of it...
For all the joy it means.
She does not want to let go of it..
For the memories it helps her re live

Many such parchments in their distinct way
Help her live life, her way
Guide her and show her the right way
To make her what she is today

The beauty being the love
For every tread moved
Filled with unflinching conviction
Happy with her life lived.

Her mind filled with emotions
Swaying in different ways
She eagerly looks forward
To yet another wonderful day

Monday, October 26, 2009


I wonder many a times....what is it that makes us what we are today....At times I feel that Life is an Empty book and we get all the freedom to scribble what we want in its pages. In other words, we are given the freedom of choice. And we are the sole reason behind where we are today.
At the same time, I contradict myself by saying that we are here with a purpose and a reason, which has been predefined. The purpose of life would here be to be able to successfully fulfil the objective or reason. But here again blessed are the ones who manage to identify the purpose! However what about those who fail to do so.
Going back to my first point of view...... one could define his purpose on his own. Maybe we have the choice to do that as well. But here again, I fail to understand if everyone has a choice, then why isnt everyone at the same level or the same platform.Why are some people so gifted and some not so lucky? Why is it that we have so much of poverty which has reached a stage and state wherein there are just idealistic talks about eradicating it and no concrete action....and even if there is action, no concrete outcome. Why is it that there are small children, who have horrible things like leprosy, cancer, AIDs as their perpetual companion, when all they have is a clean soul coupled with genuine innocence. Moreover, why is it that people who have managed to commit horredous crimes, are still living as if they rule the world!
People from different religions haveing different faith would have different justifications to give me. But here is where I face a dilema as to the purpose of one's life. Choice here no doubt works well. But then if choice was it, then it would imply that God has been unfair ( which I cannot believe). So I am half heartedly forced to agree to the fact that there is a purpose for each and everyone and the best that I could make it out to be is to serve mankind........

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Time.....Distance ......A realization!

I happened to be reading a few quotes on some random website and I came across some statements which seem so true!
"Time is the longest distance between two places "- Tennessee Williams
"Everywhere is walking distance if you have time
"- Stephen Wright

Ironical statements. But I somehow see a lot of truth in them. But yet another important thing that I realized is that time, at the right time is also very important, because as rightly said by Oq Mandino
"There is an immeasurable distance between late and too late"

I started pondering on how correlated the above statements could be. They seem to be true in most aspects. Another ironical thing is that distance gives you space to think and introspect, but at the same time, you happen to lose out on time. If you are sensible, you realize that the extent of time the distance was worth, if not then you possibly in the back of your mind start to think whether it was worth it all. It probably would take you a while to match my wavelength on this one, because this is something which takes time - to assimilate, absorb and relate to. But I am sure that you would agree with the Chinese proverb which I came across:
"Distance tests a horse's strength. Time reveals a persons character"

Thursday, August 6, 2009

VT/CST/ Local Trains – A shade in the palette of Mumbai

The sight at CST (VT station) during the peek hours – 8 30 to 10 am in the morning and 6 30 to 8 in the evening….is a must watch for any Mumbaite!
One can just stand and manage to kill time by simply watching people and their mannerisms. People have absolutely No time at their disposal…You would find the most versatile combination scurrying across the platform and rushing to their workplace or on their way back home.
From the elderly, to the working class and the collegians, VT station is a place which is always bustling with activity. It is real good fun to watch and observe people here.

The never ending queue to take the special bus – (Bus number 1) to Nariman Point, and the squabble between the drivers of the share taxi’s….the long queue at the ticket counters at all hours and the mad frenzy to jump into the train before even having arrived on the platform – this place is indeed one of the most dynamic locations of Mumbai.
There is so much more to this place…the beautiful architecture is something no ordinary man would miss.
The ‘chaat’ that you get in the subway is not bad either. And how can I forget those two old ladies whom I see everyday – one selling snacks and the other selling Bhel – usually on the first two platforms. McDonalds/Pizza Hut Vs. road side sandwich wale – both seem to have a good number of takers.

My eyes invariably tend to notice the nice/ not so nice, weird, funny and sometimes ‘atrocious ‘dressing sense of people. One thing that has always amused me is the typical ladies wearing Short skirts (Who invariably make me feel that I have way too many clothes on!) They look smart, no doubt and I totally agree to the fact that they have their own distinct classy look. What amuses me is when a few say they wear short skirts because they are comfortable during the rains! Yes totally agreed! They definitely are. But talking of comfort, I do not really understand where high pointed heels and rains go together. I think you simply stick to the fact that you want to be and like to be a little more glamorous rather than coming up with any illogical explanation. And more importantly why someone would really want to justify his clothing unless and until he/she is way too conscious or feels out of place in it
But on a lighter note, it’s completely hilarious to watch these ladies who wear skirts to feel comfortable during the rains, struggle to walk in their pointed heels. : D
Even the Shops in the subway, selling all possible things that you can come up with seem to be doing good business.

And how can I forget what really prompted me to write this post – VT station/ Local trains would be next on the list when it comes to social networking – after Face book/ Orkut. I really have lost count of the number of old friends/ acquaintances; I have met in the last couple of months. I revisit my school days/ college days every now and then. Courtesy – VT Station/ local Trains.
I really cannot help but wonder – have the terrorist attacks changed the perception of CST in the minds of people ? I really don’t think so. People are moving on and CST still continues to be the heart of Bombay.

Friday, July 31, 2009

VEENA – What makes it so Special?

I often have my friends asking me what is so unique about the Veena. As a child I could just say, that I liked the nadam (Sound) and the instrument fascinated me. Over a period of years, and even today as I continue to learn and play my Veenai, I started to become more curious about the instrument and did my bit of reading, research (which is a continual process)
I have penned down in simple terms what makes the Veena so special.

The Veena has four main strings and three other strings on the side. This may be compared in its own way.
There are four directions, four Vedas.

There are Four Stages of life – Dharma, Artha, Kama, moksha.
In Christianity there is the cross which is four sided, and there are four Gospels.
The four main strings of the Veena may be compared to the above.

The three strings on the side help to maintain rhythm and need to be strummed accordingly. They may be compared to Brahma – The creator, Vishnu – The Protector and Maheshwara – the destroyer. They may also be compared to the Christianity doctrine of Trinity – which talks about the unity of father, Son and the Holy Spirit in one God Head.

To put in very simple terms, the Strings of the Veena symbolize Balance and reiterate the fact that a balance between the Body, mind and Soul is very important and essential for any human being to lead a spiritually enriching life

There are 24 frets on the Veena. The Gayatri mantra is said to have 24 syllables. Each fret of the Veena may be compared with a syllable of the Gayatri Mantra.
They may be compared with the vertebrae of the Spinal Cord.

There is Yaali Mugham (dragon face) on one end of the Veena. It represents the triumph of Good over Evil. There is a story behind the face of the dragon, which I will definitely share soon.

The Biradai (the big screws used to tune the Veena) represent the characteristic of ‘Control’. If any biradai gives way in the course of playing the veena, the tuning is affected and the actual harmony/ divinity is disrupted.
Hence it is very essential to ensure that the Veena is perfectly tuned.

By now I probably would have atleast a few who would agree that the Veena is something very divine and any person who gets an opportunity to be associated with the Veena is blessed!

This post can simply go on and I assure you that I will definitely do my bit in posting more on this divine instrument which I consider to be a part of my family.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Adios Mr. Jackson!

I had taken a vow that I would not fill up my blog with News articles or anything that any regular bloggers would post. But somehow I could not stop myself when I heard that the King of Pop has departed for his heavenly abode. People associate Micheal Jackson with a variety of issues –positive or not so positive.
But to me, he is one of the greatest ever musicians to be born and there is no doubt that he has contributed immensely to the popularity of the genre of Pop Music. The Song “Heal the world” from his album - ‘Dangerous’ has been my all time favourite and as I write, I
cannot help but remember the beautiful lyrics that had been penned down :

Heal the world
Make it a better place
For you and for me and the entire human race
There are people dying If you care enough for the living
Make a better place for You and for me……….

I was so inspired by this song, that I named my blog after it!

I pray to the Lord for his soul to rest in peace.

Adios Mr. Jackson. May your music keep the bells in heaven tinkling!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

God Exists!

I would first like to apologize for the title to this post - but I could not think of anything better. Maybe you would understand as you read on.I have often come across people who say God does not exist. I have also come across a few people who ask me to prove to them that God Exists. And how can I possibly forget yet another category – those who say My God – or to be more precise only the God I believe in exists and the others are fictitious!
What surprises me the most is that the human race can actually question the existence of the supernatural power- that too when the fact stands true that everything that one looks at, feels, does or experiences has a direct correlation to GOD!
Which Human being would have thought of creating a world as beautiful as the one we live in. Whether at work or play, coming up with innovations is not everyone’s cup of tea. But at the same time,even the most creative person on Earth would not possess 1/10000000 ….. of the creativity that God possesses –
which enables him to give the gift of life to Soo many human beings, animals….living beings – who are unique, look different, possess different characteristics, and have something different in store for them in life….. We notice that new born babies tend to smile in their sleep. It is such a beautiful sight – I have heard that babies smile because they are able to experience and feel the presence of God – when I think of this I am at times envious of them. A baby has no ill feelings, and is pure at heart – and so can easily feel the presence of God. But why is it that as it grows older, things tend to change?? That is the basic problem. The pursuit for materialistic happiness has made us so crazy that we have forgotten that one person who cares for us and loves us irrespective of how we are.
All I can say is that I feel sorry for those who think God does not exist and I hope and pray for them to realize the truth.
I read the following quote which I would like everyone to think about:

Once you accept the existence of God - however you define him however you explain your relationship to him - then you are caught forever with his presence in the centre of all things. - Morris West

For those who want proof – I have just one line – Open your eyes wide and look around, the proof is all around you.
Coming to the last category – I feel sad for those people, who like to discriminate and fight over the name of religion. Every religion may have its share of Do’s and Don’ts, but I firmly believe that God is one, and people should try to attain Moksha by virtue of honesty, sincerity and good deeds, rather than pointing fingers and smirking at what others say or believe. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, and I think rather than questioning and squabbling about it, it would be nice if people to follow what they believe in and not create rifts in the name of Religion.

Monday, April 27, 2009


It has been a long while that I have posted anything and I would blame it on the fact that I needed some time off - to do some random thinking as I just got back home a couple of weeks back after a thoroughly enriching experience of two years at hostel.

The most astonishing fact being that thinking was one thing that I did effectively when at hostel, as it gave me a lot of time to myself and yet at the same time kept me busy. But I find myself doing it even more now.

I would surely say it has been one hell of an experience.
It started with the cultural shock and then came the lifestyle shock.
People seemed to have literally nothing to do and yet again at times, they were too busy ( busy doing what?? Perceptions on that is something totally I shall refrain from commenting on that)
At times you feel homesick, but then at times you feel that you would miss the times you have had. You would despise certain people yet you would feel that you would miss them in future.

You would find that someone has a problem with you all the time and the problem gets weirder with the person. Not to mention, that you too are a weirdo to someone else. Its mutual...

You are excited about something, and try to put in your best, yet at the same time you feel life would have been better without it but then, you also have to say that you are glad that you got to do that particular thing.

It is said that money can change relationships, here I would say competition, ego and the fact of being together (an overdose of each other - if I may term it that way) possibly changes relationships.
Emotions swaying tempers rising....does catch you off guard.....but wading through it successfully is something which makes you look at life differently.
It is so strange that at times we hate certain things but yet when given an option to live life again afresh, we choose not to SHIFT + Delete it.

You get a reality check…..about yourself, perceptions, tend to realize how fortunate you have been and how not so fortunate the other one has been.

In the end, at times it may turn out to be the end of something and the beginning of the same thing with the same person.

Its strange as, even though I get nostalgic looking at photographs, videos etc., I do not know what exactly time has in store for what has been built over the two years.
I do not know for sure whether I miss my hostel life, but it has given me a lot of things to think about and it would definitely take me a lifetime to sit and analyze every aspect of it…and I probably would keep posting about it for a while now and then.
To sum up for now - it indeed was a Puzzling, Enjoyable, Memorable and a very big learning experience!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Human Behaviour!! Err……’s complicated stuff!! :-)

I am back to one of my favourite hobbies – Analyzing people and their Behaviour. I have been trying to figure out how people respond to various scenarios and trust me it is both interesting and amusing. I have listed below a few positive and “not so “ positive facts – I think you would agree to them. :-)

The underlying factor which I think prompts people to react to situations is the feeling of insecurity – which makes them cynical towards everything under the sun.

The few who choose to stay away from all controversies/events are either not interested, or have lost interest, they do not fit in or simply have other better things to do.

The ones who manage to have fun at the worst times could be considered the optimistic lot. A part of them however are simply trying to fake, to put on a jovial face – for the purpose of the so called networking and being in the good books of all.

At the same time there are also a few who are genuine and do things because they want to do them and not simply for the lauds which it would bring them. A few, who quietly listen to everything and do not react because if they do, it would strain relations and disrupt the harmony.

A few have different rules for themselves and for the others- goes to show that they maintain double standards, and do not really give a damn about the others. A few who do their work and do it well, yet remain in the not so good books of the others due to varied reasons – jealousy, mind blocks etc.

A few try going into the defensive mode even before being asked for an explanation - shows that they are trying to play around and are freaking scared of getting caught on the wrong foot.Some pretend to be your/ others chuddy buddy, and a reality check is often a rude shock. These people generally have no reason to pretend( as far as I can comprehend ), but just do it for the heck of it.

A few who take everything on their Ego and are completely deemed unfit to be reasoned out with.

A few who think they are always right and will simply refuse to even consider hearing out what the other person has to say.

The worst among the lot in my opinion are the ones who have the brains but will not think for themselves. These are the ones who are totally lost and simply need to be directed to a better line of thinking.

On the contrary a few who have the ability to put themselves in the shoes of the other and really help them figure out what is best for them. They have the capability to give an unbiased view to anyone and are generally held with high regards in the eyes of most. But then it is difficult to understand why would someone want to do that. Here again the compliments/backbiting/ comments would begin becuase of the perception that the person has in the mind of the other. Confused ehh?? think about it

A lot mentioned above is not too pleasant but then if you notice carefully you would realize that, at all places a combination of all the above mentioned is usually the winning combination – which is quite weird considering the fact , everyone wants to be liked and everyone dislikes the other for the above “not so “ positive characteristics.

Well so that takes me back to the start - :(

Human Behaviour!! Err……’s complicated stuff!! :-)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

“There are two lasting bequests we can give our children: One is roots, the other is wings.”

I have contemplated a lot before uploading this post……I have done it now because I think there is no harm and more so, I felt the need to post it.. Every year till the age of sixteen, I used go on a holiday for about a fortnight to my native place- Srirangam – a beautiful town in the Trichy District of Tamil Nadu. Last May I went back for a couple of weeks ( after five and a half years!) , to spend the weekend out there.( will post about that trip sometime soon)

There used to be this girl (4 or 5 years younger to me). Every time I went there, she used to come and meet me and talk to me. ‘Akka’( meaning elder sister) was how she used to call me. A bright and a chirpy child is how I remember her to be. This time when I went there she was nowhere to be seen. I was curious, I tried spot her but in vain. Something from within prompted me to not ask for her, and so I didn’t.

I met the others at her place and took leave. While returning, I happened to ask my cousin brother about her and her whereabouts. He grinned and asked me which world was I in. He told me that she was sitting right in front of me in the hall! And that she was the girl who was pregnant!

I was taken aback. I felt really sorry for that little girl. Her parents had apparently gotten her married to some guy who was their relative. I, from no stretch of mind have the authority to question anything or comment on anything. But I seriously felt that somewhere down it was not quite right!

The sad part was that that girl showed a lot of zeal and enthusiasm to learn, and her enthusiasm considering the fact that she did not have much exposure to various aspects of life, was commendable. I understand/presume that it probably was the family situation which was not conducive for her to pursue her education; Whatever be the reason - getting married at 17 or 18 ( or maybe she was younger) and with a child!!.The thing that was more disheartening was that the poor girl was obviously not too happy and comfortable . I am quite certain that she probably had no clue as to what she was going through .Today when I think about the whole thing I cannot do much but hope that this scenario changes and the outlook of parents change. I could not help thinking that there could be some point in time in her life when she would grow to regret everything that happened and for all you know simply resign and do the regular household chores – leaving all her dreams and aspirations. She would regret it if she ever manages to realize – If not it would simply imply a waste of potential.

I cannot help but wonder – To how many girl children, this may be happening today in India!

The newspaper’s, Politicans, Media, Law etc. talk about exploitation of children, child marriage and so on and so forth. But what about those girl children who have absolutely no option - those children who are forced to give in to the whims and fancies of their orthodox parents? We keep talking about upliftment of the fairer sex, but are reservations the only way? There have been a number of debates on this, but I really do not see any major improvement. There certainly should be some efforts directed towards educating parents on the importance of instilling the virtue of independence in their girl children – more so in the rural areas.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Do you know what it is???

A few days back I was walking back from class and I found this peculiar insect. It resembled a Snail but was different.....the difference being the back had something resembling logs of wood. And just as the snail goes into the shell when troubled, this particular insect did too. I came back to my room, pretty fascinated with what I had seen.
The same evening , a friend who noticed me observing the insect, clicked a picture and sent it across. I have been wondering what the insect is.

I have uploaded a photo of the same above ( Thanks to the friend who clicked it and sent it). If you happen to know what it is , do let me know!!

PS. Please do not think I like insects... I detest them.....this one was just out of curiosity .....Call it Fascination!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I realized a few of the most difficult aspects in life is to re-connect with people. There are times when distance creeps in, and it definitely is hard to bridge the gap

The reasons may either be because the other person does not give you as much as importance as before, or it could probably be that the other person has found someone who he/she finds to be a better option to invest time in. Or it could just be my perception. But yes it does seem like it when you tend to miss the familiar feeling of comfort level that you expected to share with the person. It does not happen always, but it does happen a lot.

The distance probably helps you to prioritize things, sort out things but at the end of it, one sometimes tends to think whether it was all worth the an individual it does well, but I still have to decide otherwise.
It all goes to say that a rope may snap, and may be retied, but the knot in between is something that is inevitable.

Another thing that I fail to understand is how people tend to compare two or more individuals. Esp. friends. I think I would top the list when it comes to having one of the most versatile / weird friend's network, wherein one friend cannot stand the other.
I probably sound like some Martyr, but I guess this is probably one thing I learnt from an old friend - To try and look at positives of a person ( I'm still trying....and I am trying hard - It is not easy! )

I guess this is all I have to say for now :). Will soon post some more of my so called ' GYAN'.
Before I sign off - Happy New Year!! :)