Sunday, April 11, 2010

NIASoM ......Re-Living Memories

Phewww!!! It’s April 12th! The same day a year back, I was at NIASoM......the place that taught me so much....about life, culture, people, values, religion, human psychology.....the list probably never seems to end.....But today when I look back, the two years just seem to be a dream. They just went by without me even realizing it!

I cannot help but feel the nostalgia that prevailed on campus the same time around last year....people were running all around the hostel busy with packing. Emotions were high. The one thing that I remember the most is the way we were circulating our most hated uniform shirts for people to scribble on. That white shirt of mine....was something I detested and tried to avoid all the time. Today, it probably is one of my most priced and precious possessions!

(Will soon upload a pic of it:-P)

Ironically, there were many days, when I sat alone in my balcony just staring out, at the beautiful view. I used to tell myself that I should ensure that this period should not seem a dream, but in vain. When I look back, it all seems a happy dream with lovely moments to cherish. The late night Pizza's in the balcony with my roomies, the water fights (which I managed to conveniently escape), literally being dragged out of bed every morning by my roomie, perpetually cribbing about the never ending laundry, constant exchange of movies through IP Messenger and most importantly - getting caught by the warden for being too noisy or being seen on the other side of the LOC, the serious and solemn conversations simply keep flashing across my eyes, every time I think of hostel life. The birthday parties, cricket matches, the sports week, Friday Feast were so much fun in a way. How could I ever forget the so called study tour to Bangkok! – Probably the MOST happening and talked about tour of my life so far. In fact, on second thoughts, I feel even the horrible Biryani that we got on Wednesdays and the Sabudana Khichdi on Thrusday mornings to be bearable in their own way.

A couple of days back, I was having a conversation with a dear friend, and we got into a discussion on how people who are our batch mates are doing....a few of them already married, a few waiting to tie the knot. It sure does feel good to know that people have moved on in life towards bigger commitments. But it is strange when I think that time can do such wonders - Just one year has warranted so many changes!!! But it sure does feel very good to know that each one is doing well in their respective place.

As I write, I cannot help but smile to myself. Though I miss the days, I realize that the take away’s that NIASoM had to offer me compensate for every moment I miss. . It is often said, you often realize the true value (Intrinsic value in the typical Management term) of something when you actually don’t have it. I would vouch for it, as I remember the time when I went back to NIA for some training with my colleagues. My eyes desperately searched for my batch mates, friends, with whom I had spent two glorious years of my life. But they were nowhere to be seen then. I tried ignoring it but then realized that every place on campus brought back memories of people, moments and the time spent together. It was only then when the truth hit me – and I realized that it is just not about the place, but it is about the people who make the place what it is.

NIASoM has changed my outlook towards life in many ways. It has made me realize how better life could be, if one learns to ignore negatives and capitalize on positives! I am indebted to everyone who has been a part of those two lovely years of my life!