Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Human Behaviour!! Err……’s complicated stuff!! :-)

I am back to one of my favourite hobbies – Analyzing people and their Behaviour. I have been trying to figure out how people respond to various scenarios and trust me it is both interesting and amusing. I have listed below a few positive and “not so “ positive facts – I think you would agree to them. :-)

The underlying factor which I think prompts people to react to situations is the feeling of insecurity – which makes them cynical towards everything under the sun.

The few who choose to stay away from all controversies/events are either not interested, or have lost interest, they do not fit in or simply have other better things to do.

The ones who manage to have fun at the worst times could be considered the optimistic lot. A part of them however are simply trying to fake, to put on a jovial face – for the purpose of the so called networking and being in the good books of all.

At the same time there are also a few who are genuine and do things because they want to do them and not simply for the lauds which it would bring them. A few, who quietly listen to everything and do not react because if they do, it would strain relations and disrupt the harmony.

A few have different rules for themselves and for the others- goes to show that they maintain double standards, and do not really give a damn about the others. A few who do their work and do it well, yet remain in the not so good books of the others due to varied reasons – jealousy, mind blocks etc.

A few try going into the defensive mode even before being asked for an explanation - shows that they are trying to play around and are freaking scared of getting caught on the wrong foot.Some pretend to be your/ others chuddy buddy, and a reality check is often a rude shock. These people generally have no reason to pretend( as far as I can comprehend ), but just do it for the heck of it.

A few who take everything on their Ego and are completely deemed unfit to be reasoned out with.

A few who think they are always right and will simply refuse to even consider hearing out what the other person has to say.

The worst among the lot in my opinion are the ones who have the brains but will not think for themselves. These are the ones who are totally lost and simply need to be directed to a better line of thinking.

On the contrary a few who have the ability to put themselves in the shoes of the other and really help them figure out what is best for them. They have the capability to give an unbiased view to anyone and are generally held with high regards in the eyes of most. But then it is difficult to understand why would someone want to do that. Here again the compliments/backbiting/ comments would begin becuase of the perception that the person has in the mind of the other. Confused ehh?? think about it

A lot mentioned above is not too pleasant but then if you notice carefully you would realize that, at all places a combination of all the above mentioned is usually the winning combination – which is quite weird considering the fact , everyone wants to be liked and everyone dislikes the other for the above “not so “ positive characteristics.

Well so that takes me back to the start - :(

Human Behaviour!! Err……’s complicated stuff!! :-)