Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Money vs. Happiness

I was reading an article. It set me thinking as to “Where does one stand?” – in the true sense. Today we have people craving for Money. Money simply can do wonders –

Make relations

Break relations

Strain relations

Change Relations

Today people have started to acquire this tendency of equating everything with Money. I wonder many a times ‘Is money worth the trouble??’I completely agree to the fact that Money today has been given a very strongly disagreeable metaphor, it being associated with something evil. I disagree with the so created image as well.

Whatever said and done – how about looking at it differently.

You may earn Lakhs, Crores, Millions, Billions, and Trillions…but at the end Are you happy? It is the biggest question!

I see people getting insecure and egoistic around me. A person may fake or possibly be full of pretence…..he may get all the materialistic things that he desires.. And then, What?

A few may say – ‘then nothing’ ….there could be no more then’s; as apparently their life is made. I feel sorry for such people as in the end they are in a position wherein they have a mask when they stand in front of the mirror. I tend to wonder, “Is money all that people want in Life? Isn’t there so much more to it?” There definitely would be some point in time that a person would want to explore new things about himself. But in this rat race where can he find the time?

It’s perfectly fine to be ambitious, but ambition at the cost of self actualization and happiness?....I definitely do not endorse it.

Looking at it from yet another perspective,

A few people say –“It is not for me – it is for my future and things along on those lines. Honestly, many a times I am unable to buy that however true, reasonable or practical it may sound. I often find these people living for the future at the cost of their Present. I definitely respect the sentiment but overdoing it does not really help. Such an approach may be good for people who would eventually learn to live in the present. What about those who never can ever learn live to in the present?