Monday, September 1, 2008

Mani Sir's Question..

This was a question posed by my Sanskrit Master when I was in my 5th Grade. I remember Mani Sir to be an extremely witty person with a flair for riddles which called for intellectual and logical reasoning. He once put forward the following question:

Once upon a time there were two Kings - Harish Chandra and Virish Chandra. Harish Chandra always spoke the truth whereas Virish Chandra lied at every instance that he could get.
Both these kings were sitting in a room. There were two boxes in the room – one filled with sweets and the other filled with snakes.
You enter the room. You do not know the names of either of the kings, nor do you know which box contains the sweets or the snakes.
You can ask both the kings one question each( preferably the same question). You have to find out which box contains the sweets. What would your question be?????
( It’s not too hard …….try answering it ) :)