Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I glared at them fiercely
As they smiled - brightly as ever
Seated comfortable in spacious chairs
Their inviting looks - filling the air

I could almost hear them whisper
Amidst the loud travelling banter
Tempting was how  they started to seem
Their curves as fresh as they could have been

I cursed them and firmly responded -

Do whatever you think it takes..
But you will not get me today!
My mind has travelled far beyond,
And does not intend to return for long!

All they could manage was a chuckle
Watching my feet as they dragged me
My heart desperate to exchange plesantaries
Depriving my mind of its newly defined mantle

Their grin of conviction got on to me,
Only to convince me to give them another chance
I decided to stop by to say a quick hello
As always -  they made me happier than before

As expected the acquaintance never remained an acquaintance
And reblossomed into a new relationship
With me inviting a dozen of them over                                                                                                           
And obliging to pay for their last journey home

Walking home, I revisited the realization I have often had -
Thorntons could never make you sad
For round is also a shape
And being in shape is anything but bad!