Monday, July 28, 2008


Social service???? Well a lot of things would probably come into one’s mind on hearing the term. I have heard people doing social service or being a part of such causes for varied reasons, a few of which are as follows:-
They feel good about it and genuinely want to work towards the up-liftment of the society.
They think it is COOl and they should do it because everyone does it.
They think it would like nice on their CV.
They think it would secure them admissions in B- Schools abroad easily
They think it would make people look up to them in the society.
They think it would make them popular and help them seek attention.

As usual I may sound as cynical as ever, but even after giving it a million thoughts, I can say that there are a few who would fall into the first category. For many people social service is about donating huge chunks of money. I think that is understandable as people may not have time to help in any other fashion. The money probably would help to fund educational and infrastructural needs of orphans, disabled etc.
But what about the emotional support that that every individual needs? What about the little children who are deprived of a sense of belonging….When I say this, I recollect an experience.

A few months back I visited an old-age home. It was not a very big home. It was a small home and was equipped with decent furniture and had mediocre facilities. What caught my eye out there was the beautiful chapel, where mass was held regularly. There were about 15 old ladies and around 6 to 7 old men.
One of the old ladies was physically challenged. She had deformity in both her legs and had always been crippled from a very young age. So she had been abandoned by her family. Since I had started visiting the home every fortnight, a couple of ladies out there started opening up a little. I got to know that a few of them had families who had abandoned them because they found them to be a burden. In one case , the person apparently had her whole family, niece and nephew staying at Mumbai. Still they came to visit her only once in 2 years , which they felt was a favour that they were doing on her. I still have a lot of hope on mankind and I do believe that someday things would change. It is never too late to mend.

Coming back to the aspect of emotional support, I completely understand that it is not possible for all to give in that kind of time. I have come across many people of the opinion that they would like to donate money and look at the larger happiness rather than spending time with a select few and seeing a smile on their face. I guess they are entitled to their opinion and I respect it.
But an earnest request from my end would be to make sometime for the old. It makes a very big difference to that one day of their life. The satisfaction and sense of fulfillment that one may get is unparalleled.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Read On....

Yesterday we had a session with Dr. K.C.Mishra - the director of my B-School – National Insurance Academy School of Management. I definitely have a lot to say about the man, but in this post, I would restrict myself to a couple of very significant things that came out in the course of his talk.
He was telling us about some session that he conducted for some students where he apparently was asked the following query:
“What would be a lifetime definition of the relation between the Economy, Financial Sector and Insurance?”

His Answer was along the following lines: Imagine an Elephant precariously balancing itself on a globe. It is on its four legs and is trying hard to remain stable. The Globe may be fully filled with air or partially filled with air.

Think of the elephant to be the economy, the globe – financial sector, and the air inside the globe to be insurance.
If the globe is fully filled with air, the elephant would have a sturdy base to stand on.
If it is partially filled with air, the elephant would be wobbly and would not be able to stand still.
If there is no air in the Globe, the elephant would fall.
The amount of air indicates the extent of protection against risk that has been sought.

The concept of marginal being more important than average, was yet another thought provoking aspect. It is indeed true that whatever we have achieved till date does not stay for long, as it becomes an achievement of the past. The greatness of the individual lies definitely on the marginal productivity or if I may put it as the marginal improvement/enhancement in whatever he/she may be proficient in. So more the effort, passion and dedication, better the marginal and still better the average performance. I think as an MBA student, the above is definitely something of great importance to me. Even otherwise, I think it would instill a sense of satisfaction in an individual.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I often tell myself not to be hasty with my words, actions or deeds. Sound like some martyr don’t I? Well it is not that I manage to do it but there is no harm in trying.
A realization I must say….A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains. But at the same time it is also said that Patience has its limits. Take it too far , and it’s cowardice. Now both the ideologies seem true in their own way. But being patient is definitely a virtue that not too many possess. It definitely eases out things during trying times.
I see people being mean, and it really takes it all out of me, when I try to reason out saying that there is another facet to the person/ thing. But fortunately or unfortunately the point is never driven across. I probably have to either stop being biased ( which I don’t think I am) or maybe try to communicate more effectively and try convincing them.
I believe the post has been very random so far. I apologize for its frivolousness but I could not stop myself from posting whatever little I had to say. I believe it would take me some more time to concretely build up on the same. Help me on that if you can.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Mumbai ???....Chennai ??????

Been a while since I last posted. Well my last post seemed rather controversial or in lighter terms one that played host to a lot of difference in opinion. I guess most people got me wrong …..a clarification for those who did not read me properly…..gossip is not bad and I do not recall or see myself having mentioned it to be either!It adds spice to life – no doubt! But it would be good if one knows when to say what, where to say it and how to say it! J may be this as well would probably be an open invitation that would trigger an argument…am open to it!....:-)

Well I just got back to Pune from Bombay after 2 months of a thoroughly enriching summer internship at Chennai. Was just comparing the two cities( Mumbai and Chennai) and here is what I found.
Chennai climate is BAD! ( Bad would be an understatement…I would prefer the Mumbai Rains to it anyday! )
The Auto Drivers/ Taxiwala’s of Bombay are so much more cordial in comparison to Chennai!.( A few may have difference in opinion..but I guess that may be a one of incident which would make you so…..the second I got out of the airport and sat in the auto, this was the first thing that came to my mind! )

The Chennai Junk Food ,am sorry to say is just average…….( now I am sure the chennaites would say that I did not know where to go and find stuff )…….but that is not my idea of junk food…you should find stuff when you are hungry( not having to go from one end of the city to the other to find a particular thing)
Chennai has too many people who booze! ( Imagine you find people drunk in the bus at 9 in the morning)
In Chennai ladies in the bus are always quarrelling!!!!!!!( Duh! Gets on to my nerves)
In Chennai you cannot hang out with friends at beaches and stuff at night. You have cops who would accuse you of indecent and improper behaviour.

Hmm ok I guess enough of bad mouthing the city…..I think it had its share of positives as well
Hmm…may be the simplicity of people out there is nice…..Hard to find that trait in Bombay!!!
For the Carnatic Music fanatics, Chennai is the place to be!
‘Malli poo’( Mogra )….I simply love the fragrance….you find it everywhere!
The cost of living……. so economical and affordable!
Eating on Banana Leaves! ( very hygienic! )
The local trains are better out there ( But I would still prefer travelling on the foot board in the Mumbai Local trains)

The A/c or Deluxe buses whatever you call them… Chennai are better than those in Mumbai.
Chennai does not get flooded often ( but I honestly don’t mind Mumbai Rains )
Beaches are cleaner than those in Mumbai ( eg. Kalpakkam Beach!! )
Ok I cant think of any more stuff….ohh yes one more negative …..the malls out there are SAD….not that they are great in Mumbai….but then I think in Mumbai they are better!..
So overall…….. as of now I think maybe Mumbai is still better!!!