Friday, June 18, 2010


It has been a while that I pen down my thoughts......Today is probably not the best of days for the same....but making an effort sure does no harm!

Ironical yet practical....there are certain things that you may or may not want to happen. They may or may not be the best things to happen.....but once they have happened...often feels/seems it was how it was meant to be. It is very strange though that once you look at what has happened, you feel glad in a way whatever it is....though it may totally contradict what you initially wished for or anticipated....

The experience could be awesome, bitter sweet or different in its own way.......the interpretations could be totally subjective and a reality check of perception is often a rude shock!! But then today as I pen down my thoughts, I can’t help but get convinced that there are situations in every person’s life which should have been dealt with differently. Here is where I contradict myself as I am convinced that it is a situation which makes a person act in a particular manner! And here is where I think that life is so much related to mathematics. Probability at its best I presume!! (My cousin bro – a genius in math would be smirking as he hears me say this, but for today I would give in!) :-D

So does it imply that with time you change? Possible that you would want to rethink about a particular event.....but more than often I think more than often your basic intuition (If you have reasonably good intuitive prowess! ) about a person is never wrong! A person may in your opinion be the best or not so good which again is your perception! Often we have the tendency to get negative when things do not happen.....negativity may be about situations, people, perceptions and also about certain events which turn out to be uncertain/ unexpected or contrary to what one anticipated! Is it wrong again? Well I don’t think so it is human psychology to get angry!!! But is it worth it?? …I don’t believe so, as life is short and there is no use venting your anger on anyone! As I think, when you are sixty and you look back at your life, there may be materialistic regrets but am sure otherwise, there would be a lot to cherish, if looked at from the correct perspective! Why sixty…the same could be even as on today’s date!

Some say do what you think is right! :) Easily said! But what I think to be right may be wrong to someone else and vice is virtually impossible to make everyone here do you prioritize.....or compromise........Depends on the situation, person/persons involved and so many dimensions which one may think to be essential!! So here again I am back to my state of ponderance....
Is it right or wrong?? I am incapacitated to justify that.

I often have had discussions with my brother who believes in Karma and the existence of a parallel world! and the fact that what goes around comes around!!! The philosophy/logic being there there is a parallel world wherein there exists a clone of you. Apparently whatever good happens to you here, a subsequent bad thing happen to your clone in the parallel universe.....Sounds extremely fascinating. However tempted I may feel to acknowledge the same, I find it close to ridiculous to do the same, as looking at the world of good that has happened to me till date, I find it impossible to even think of imagine the extent of negativity would be there with the poor Gayatri in the parallel world!

Further complicating it....I happened to spend an afternoon with my super close friend( or should I say family/sister ) at Barista (I am not too fond of coffee shops - as...I prefer my mom's homemade filter coffee any day!) - An outlet which I don’t visit often, but have always had a good time on the rare occasions- thanks to the company!!! This time it turned out to be the magic den in a different way!!!! I happened to be pondering over a certain decision and my loyalties on a particular subject! I played the devil’s advocate with myself which I always resort to when I need to know whether I am sure of what I am putting my foot into.

And this super close friend of mine was particularly irritated with me for the same .As we often do, we started talking and talking even more and that is when I happened to tell her… I feel a certain degree to weirdness, relief….. Like I said I was pondering over a certain decision that I had to take after being in a spot for long. ……. Probably it was a surge of relief that I had done what I thought was to be right. She asked me, do you feel surreal and as If you did not take a call. I had to agree that it was something that made me take the call!! I don’t know what it was and I was angry with myself for it. Why with myself? Because, as the usual way I had gotten myself into a mess without even realizing it!!

Last evening, I happened to meet this friend/philosopher of mine again……and I just narrated a couple of incidents, communication and conversations which had given me a good kick on my backside!! Again it was a hit on my slightly inflated ego, that I could be so wrong about something!!

But nevertheless, we could not help but grin and feel; that it was a real time learning experience, great moments and am of course thankful to all the people involved!

Phew…… life seemed to be crazy and its corporate best! Today when I think of yesterday, I can simply smile to myself and say – “ALL IZZ WELL“:-DD