Sunday, February 6, 2011

A vague thought- farfetched and beyond possibility

Smiles, a sense of relief….things seem light.

I reckon it is the power of faith

That instantly makes one’s life bright.

God sure does have his strange ways!

To teach and take you to bay

To show you – life is all shades of grey

Not black and white as you wish and pray.

You try to forget, you try to forgive,

Nothing really seems to happen

When you do it for your sake, for

Somewhere along, it invariably would be fake

The day you forgive for God’s sake,

And surrender with all you can give,

Hoping things in life get even.

Things suddenly seem to brighten.

The strange air you that you then feel,

Is something no one can steal!

He sure does make time heal

With love, learning and the best deal!

When you look behind,

All you can manage is a subtle smile :) ,

Try and control your wandering mind

And leap towards the next mile!