Saturday, January 31, 2009

Do you know what it is???

A few days back I was walking back from class and I found this peculiar insect. It resembled a Snail but was different.....the difference being the back had something resembling logs of wood. And just as the snail goes into the shell when troubled, this particular insect did too. I came back to my room, pretty fascinated with what I had seen.
The same evening , a friend who noticed me observing the insect, clicked a picture and sent it across. I have been wondering what the insect is.

I have uploaded a photo of the same above ( Thanks to the friend who clicked it and sent it). If you happen to know what it is , do let me know!!

PS. Please do not think I like insects... I detest them.....this one was just out of curiosity .....Call it Fascination!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I realized a few of the most difficult aspects in life is to re-connect with people. There are times when distance creeps in, and it definitely is hard to bridge the gap

The reasons may either be because the other person does not give you as much as importance as before, or it could probably be that the other person has found someone who he/she finds to be a better option to invest time in. Or it could just be my perception. But yes it does seem like it when you tend to miss the familiar feeling of comfort level that you expected to share with the person. It does not happen always, but it does happen a lot.

The distance probably helps you to prioritize things, sort out things but at the end of it, one sometimes tends to think whether it was all worth the an individual it does well, but I still have to decide otherwise.
It all goes to say that a rope may snap, and may be retied, but the knot in between is something that is inevitable.

Another thing that I fail to understand is how people tend to compare two or more individuals. Esp. friends. I think I would top the list when it comes to having one of the most versatile / weird friend's network, wherein one friend cannot stand the other.
I probably sound like some Martyr, but I guess this is probably one thing I learnt from an old friend - To try and look at positives of a person ( I'm still trying....and I am trying hard - It is not easy! )

I guess this is all I have to say for now :). Will soon post some more of my so called ' GYAN'.
Before I sign off - Happy New Year!! :)