Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Adios 2010!!

2010 has been a tough teacher! :) Nevertheless, I am grateful to all the reinforcement, affirmation and reiteration that it had to offer. It certainly has contributed to my growth as an individual. Definitely not my best year but I am sure I have been luckier than many others!!

The biggest learnings, that I could pen down, even in the state of sleep deprivation would be :

We are never alone. God is always walking besides us. Give him a chance to speak, and be his audience. You will get your answers.

Friendship is one of the world's most beautiful relationship. Cherish it.

True friends are those who stand by you at all times, pull you up when you are astray from the right path, empathize when they cannot do much, but help you wade your way without getting judgemental about you or any one else.
Treasure them!

Sometimes the best way to be happy in life is to let go.

Treasure those people to whom you really matter; not for their selfish reasons but out of good will for you.

Emotions are like glass. Very brittle. Handle with care.

Faith, Prayer and hope are the three pillars on which life revolves.

Life is not about yourself and your happiness. Make an attempt to make a difference to people who need you. Life would be worth living.

It is always better to go somewhere where you are wanted rather than go somewhere where you want to.

Always remember - Life may have been slightly unfair to you. But you have always been more fortunate than a lot many.

Health is the biggest wealth. Not many are blessed with it. Learn to appreciate it.

After life, a good family is the biggest blessing that you could be born with. Never let go of them.

Respect others for their decisions/opinions, though they may not be right or in line with your expectation.

If you judge yourself by your intentions, do the same with others. Do not judge them on their actions.

Will end with my first learning - We are never alone. God is always walking besides us. Give him a chance to speak, and be his audience. Have faith in him. The Holy Spirit would always be a guiding force. God will take care!

A huge list, if due consideration is given to the fact that I have been sleep deprived. Nevertheless, do add to the list, if you have any interesting learnings to share.


Monday, August 2, 2010

In anticipation.......

A rainy evening here again...
The clouds draping the sky
Beautiful yet filled with gloom
Life awaiting its bloom

There always is beauty in joy...
Something that sets the heart cry

Whoever thought of beauty in pain
To be quiet, simple and plain

Your mind feels fragile
Everything seems futile

They say…...
Embrace life with a smile

Things will pass by in a while

Slowly you will realize

Life does not generalize

That time certainly does heal

And ensures you get the best deal

Simply hang on in grace

With a smile on your face…..

Friday, June 18, 2010


It has been a while that I pen down my thoughts......Today is probably not the best of days for the same....but making an effort sure does no harm!

Ironical yet practical....there are certain things that you may or may not want to happen. They may or may not be the best things to happen.....but once they have happened...often feels/seems it was how it was meant to be. It is very strange though that once you look at what has happened, you feel glad in a way whatever it is....though it may totally contradict what you initially wished for or anticipated....

The experience could be awesome, bitter sweet or different in its own way.......the interpretations could be totally subjective and a reality check of perception is often a rude shock!! But then today as I pen down my thoughts, I can’t help but get convinced that there are situations in every person’s life which should have been dealt with differently. Here is where I contradict myself as I am convinced that it is a situation which makes a person act in a particular manner! And here is where I think that life is so much related to mathematics. Probability at its best I presume!! (My cousin bro – a genius in math would be smirking as he hears me say this, but for today I would give in!) :-D

So does it imply that with time you change? Possible that you would want to rethink about a particular event.....but more than often I think more than often your basic intuition (If you have reasonably good intuitive prowess! ) about a person is never wrong! A person may in your opinion be the best or not so good which again is your perception! Often we have the tendency to get negative when things do not happen.....negativity may be about situations, people, perceptions and also about certain events which turn out to be uncertain/ unexpected or contrary to what one anticipated! Is it wrong again? Well I don’t think so it is human psychology to get angry!!! But is it worth it?? …I don’t believe so, as life is short and there is no use venting your anger on anyone! As I think, when you are sixty and you look back at your life, there may be materialistic regrets but am sure otherwise, there would be a lot to cherish, if looked at from the correct perspective! Why sixty…the same could be even as on today’s date!

Some say do what you think is right! :) Easily said! But what I think to be right may be wrong to someone else and vice is virtually impossible to make everyone here do you prioritize.....or compromise........Depends on the situation, person/persons involved and so many dimensions which one may think to be essential!! So here again I am back to my state of ponderance....
Is it right or wrong?? I am incapacitated to justify that.

I often have had discussions with my brother who believes in Karma and the existence of a parallel world! and the fact that what goes around comes around!!! The philosophy/logic being there there is a parallel world wherein there exists a clone of you. Apparently whatever good happens to you here, a subsequent bad thing happen to your clone in the parallel universe.....Sounds extremely fascinating. However tempted I may feel to acknowledge the same, I find it close to ridiculous to do the same, as looking at the world of good that has happened to me till date, I find it impossible to even think of imagine the extent of negativity would be there with the poor Gayatri in the parallel world!

Further complicating it....I happened to spend an afternoon with my super close friend( or should I say family/sister ) at Barista (I am not too fond of coffee shops - as...I prefer my mom's homemade filter coffee any day!) - An outlet which I don’t visit often, but have always had a good time on the rare occasions- thanks to the company!!! This time it turned out to be the magic den in a different way!!!! I happened to be pondering over a certain decision and my loyalties on a particular subject! I played the devil’s advocate with myself which I always resort to when I need to know whether I am sure of what I am putting my foot into.

And this super close friend of mine was particularly irritated with me for the same .As we often do, we started talking and talking even more and that is when I happened to tell her… I feel a certain degree to weirdness, relief….. Like I said I was pondering over a certain decision that I had to take after being in a spot for long. ……. Probably it was a surge of relief that I had done what I thought was to be right. She asked me, do you feel surreal and as If you did not take a call. I had to agree that it was something that made me take the call!! I don’t know what it was and I was angry with myself for it. Why with myself? Because, as the usual way I had gotten myself into a mess without even realizing it!!

Last evening, I happened to meet this friend/philosopher of mine again……and I just narrated a couple of incidents, communication and conversations which had given me a good kick on my backside!! Again it was a hit on my slightly inflated ego, that I could be so wrong about something!!

But nevertheless, we could not help but grin and feel; that it was a real time learning experience, great moments and am of course thankful to all the people involved!

Phew…… life seemed to be crazy and its corporate best! Today when I think of yesterday, I can simply smile to myself and say – “ALL IZZ WELL“:-DD

Sunday, April 11, 2010

NIASoM ......Re-Living Memories

Phewww!!! It’s April 12th! The same day a year back, I was at NIASoM......the place that taught me so much....about life, culture, people, values, religion, human psychology.....the list probably never seems to end.....But today when I look back, the two years just seem to be a dream. They just went by without me even realizing it!

I cannot help but feel the nostalgia that prevailed on campus the same time around last year....people were running all around the hostel busy with packing. Emotions were high. The one thing that I remember the most is the way we were circulating our most hated uniform shirts for people to scribble on. That white shirt of mine....was something I detested and tried to avoid all the time. Today, it probably is one of my most priced and precious possessions!

(Will soon upload a pic of it:-P)

Ironically, there were many days, when I sat alone in my balcony just staring out, at the beautiful view. I used to tell myself that I should ensure that this period should not seem a dream, but in vain. When I look back, it all seems a happy dream with lovely moments to cherish. The late night Pizza's in the balcony with my roomies, the water fights (which I managed to conveniently escape), literally being dragged out of bed every morning by my roomie, perpetually cribbing about the never ending laundry, constant exchange of movies through IP Messenger and most importantly - getting caught by the warden for being too noisy or being seen on the other side of the LOC, the serious and solemn conversations simply keep flashing across my eyes, every time I think of hostel life. The birthday parties, cricket matches, the sports week, Friday Feast were so much fun in a way. How could I ever forget the so called study tour to Bangkok! – Probably the MOST happening and talked about tour of my life so far. In fact, on second thoughts, I feel even the horrible Biryani that we got on Wednesdays and the Sabudana Khichdi on Thrusday mornings to be bearable in their own way.

A couple of days back, I was having a conversation with a dear friend, and we got into a discussion on how people who are our batch mates are doing....a few of them already married, a few waiting to tie the knot. It sure does feel good to know that people have moved on in life towards bigger commitments. But it is strange when I think that time can do such wonders - Just one year has warranted so many changes!!! But it sure does feel very good to know that each one is doing well in their respective place.

As I write, I cannot help but smile to myself. Though I miss the days, I realize that the take away’s that NIASoM had to offer me compensate for every moment I miss. . It is often said, you often realize the true value (Intrinsic value in the typical Management term) of something when you actually don’t have it. I would vouch for it, as I remember the time when I went back to NIA for some training with my colleagues. My eyes desperately searched for my batch mates, friends, with whom I had spent two glorious years of my life. But they were nowhere to be seen then. I tried ignoring it but then realized that every place on campus brought back memories of people, moments and the time spent together. It was only then when the truth hit me – and I realized that it is just not about the place, but it is about the people who make the place what it is.

NIASoM has changed my outlook towards life in many ways. It has made me realize how better life could be, if one learns to ignore negatives and capitalize on positives! I am indebted to everyone who has been a part of those two lovely years of my life!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bird Watching!!!! :-PPPP

Nature is one thing that has always fascinated me. Residing on the sixth floor, is probably a boon in disguise, as I get innumerable opportunities to observe the behaviour of birds by simply looking out of my window.

For some strange reason, the flower pots on my window sill have been the birthplace of probably a hundreds of pigeons till date. Pigeons in my opinion are the dumbest from among the bird species!I can confidently say this because I can never forget one that sat on a coca cola bottle lid for about two weeks, thinking it was the egg laid by her! ( The egg laid had probably served as breakfast to some crow/eagle/kite, when left unattended by the pigeon)

Nevertheless, I have something very nice to share with you today! Pigeons I agree are messy and dumb, but then the sight of mom teaching her little ones to fly is an adorable sight. It's so strange, but then birds too,just like human beings need to undergo training!!!! The mother/father holds the baby bird with its beak and tries to lift it. The baby bird in return tries to spread its wings and makes an attempt to fly. This process lasts for probably around two weeks till the baby bird learns to fly.

I have attached herewith a video that I managed to capture of a mother teaching her little ones to fly on my Kitchen window sill a couple of days back. Though I get to watch it quite often, each time it seems more beautiful and I am left without doubt, there could never ever be a better artist than the almighty himself!!!! Though my photography/videography skills are quite pathetic, even for an amateur, am sure, you would enjoy watching this one. So here it is........

PS. Note the bruise on one of the baby's happened due to a squabble between the two kiddos!!!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Yet another ordinary day at work! I was pondering over some stuff, when I was passed a sheet.

It read “Budget “. As my neighbor passed the sheet to me, there was an instant frown which appeared on my face. The last thing that I wanted to do wasstart my day reading opinions of media/politicians /economists/academicians / cynics on what they think the budget is and what it is not!!!

Nevertheless, I thought I would give it a quick read. To my pleasant surprise, it was not the usual analysis by economists or the complaints of the ever ready cynics It was a metaphoric version of the Budget, where the budget have been very differently related to a person’s life and the virtues/characteristics which govern it.

Though I have a difference of opinion on certain statements, I thought I should share it with everyone. So Read on…..

Birth is our opening balance
Death, our closing balance.
Prejudiced views are
our liabilities,
Creative ideas
and good deeds, assets.
Heart is our current asset,
Soul, our fixed asset,
Brain, a fixed deposit.
Thinking, our current account
Goodwill and achievements
are our capital,
Character and morals, our stock-in-trade,
Friends, our general reserves,
Values and behavior
our goodwill,
Patience is interest earned,
Love, our dividend,
Children, our bonus issues,
Education, a brand,
Knowledge is our investment.
Profit and loss is karma earned.
Before final assessment (death),
Balance your sheet.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Time seriously seems to fly. Every year we make it a point to visit Chennai and meet my cousins in April. It is that one time of the year that I long for. The two months of summer holidays spent every year for the last twenty years (from what I can recollect) is something that has knit our lives so closely that, today as my cousin bro is all excited about tying the knot, I find it extremely strange to see the someone I have known since two decades all grown up and set to move on to a new and different phase in life.
Though totally excited for him, I find it impossible to cease my amusement!! I am of course delighted at the prospect of addition of a new person to our once upon a time notorious gang, but then it does take me a while to actually believe what I am seeing!!!!

I try to move on….but then to my astonishment I still find myself looking forward to mid-April, which is when our yearly trips to Chennai and Srirangam were scheduled. The crystal maze that we played using carrom coins as crystals, or be it cricket in the small veranda behind our house….everything has extremely cherishable moments attached to it. The late night talks, movies and the loud music that irked all the elders……. The routine of visiting relatives and getting pampered was so much fun in a way. In addition to the fun at Chennai, there was the yearly trip to Srirangam too. The regular visit to bathe in the waters of the Kaveri, the routine visits to the most beautiful temple I have ever seen and ofcourse the friends out there is something that still lingers in my mind, at the very thought of summer vacations!! Jumping from one terrace to another, playing traditional indoor games like Dayakattai ( Dice), Paandi ( known as Tipri) and so many more games.
The icing on the cake always involved troubling dear old grandpa to buy all of us ice-cream after conveniently having stopped the state ice-cream fellow who drove past our house at around three every noon.

I still remember the manner in which we used to always push the little ones to go to bed, so that we could have our teenage discussions. The same kiddos (who simply DETEST being called that) seem to have grown up, and are in the verge of entering into their graduation, and are extremely adept at pulling my leg about anything under the sun!

I simply do miss my days when I used to worry about getting late to school, getting remarks in my school calendar, feeling bad when teachers scolded me, forgetting to do my homework!! All that seem so trivial now and I really cannot help but chuckle and smirk when my 7 year old little cousin very solemnly declares that she has a quiz or a test in school or that she would be reprimanded if she does not carry the craft material as instructed!!! It is ironical indeed but then yes, even after cribbing so much, I still would say that life is fun the way it is now too!!! Though everyone seems to have grown up, we still look forward to meeting up and having a good laugh at all that we possibly can!

But the fact remains that, April henceforth, would not imply two months of summer vacation – but simply year ending and year beginning chores at work!!! Sigh!!!! Now that I have been jolted back to reality, I think it is high time that I get back to my work; else I probably would be permanently given the privilege of enjoying holidays – Courtesy my Boss!

So let me go and bury myself into my work, and you could probably come back and check this space when you have nothing to

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Welcome 2010!!! :)

As we move on in life, we learn a lot through people. The optimism and positivity that we encounter in course of our interaction with people, is something that has the power to change perspectives, approaches and also a person’s outlook towards life.
More than often, to many of us, New Year’s Eve implies partying or spending time with friends or family. However, not everyone would endorse spending New Year’s Eve at home, and that too in the company of their grandparents or someone as old as their grandparents….. I have a totally different story to tell. 1st Jan 2010, was a terrific start to my new year. I stayed home and was extremely blessed to spend it in the company of the teacher who initiated me to the Veena – Smt. Bhagirathi Narayanaswamy (Mami), and her aunt (who I call Chitti).

The zeal and enthusiasm for life that chitti has is stupendous. At the age of 82….she made the atmosphere so lively and energetic….solely by her enthusiasm and eagerness to try everything and be involved in everything. 31st December night was a simple affair and all we did was talked and talked more…, over a cup of ice cream. 1st January was however extremely eventful.
We went window shopping, had north Indian Thali and finished with Falooda and Ice-cream. Every shop in the mall had the privilege of our visit. Mind you – we did not even spare the road side Candy Floss and were pretty disappointed to know that we were a little too late, as the pop-corn guy had shut shop for the day. Mami at 75 was no less and was equally energetic to run all round the city to shop for a zillion things under the sun. Be it Vada Pav or a mid-night cup of coffee…they were game for everything!

They stayed with me for a week, and every moment, every conversation that we had is something that I would cherish. Their energy level was extremely contagious and simply by their innocent talks and questions, they had made the environment so dynamic and cheerful! What touched me more than anything was the honestly and genuineness which was so evident in almost everything that they did. Simplicity was the essence of their life and it was the fundamental principle that governed almost everything under the sun. They sure did have their share of issues, but the ability to wish well for everyone, added charm to their personality. Looking at the manner in which we – the present generation seem to be moving, I cannot help but wonder at times, whether we would actually enjoy life the way they did. Now that I have written, the above statement, I am sure; I would have people looking daggers at me saying it is an extremely personal and a subjective perspective. Often we have people trying to justify that they are enjoying their lives to the fullest. But, after giving due consideration to the element of subjectivity and other similar arguments, if one sits to think honestly, he/she would realize that we more than often tend to miss out on the smaller and the more beautiful things in life.

A week back, mom and I were having a quiet late dinner, when Chitti called. It was around 10 .45 P.m. and we were wondering if everything was ok, as it was not too normal to receive a call from her that late. But she had called, simply to say that she was missing the mid-night cup of coffee. Though it was hardly a week that they had left, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with nostalgia.
It was an experience, a realization, a learning experience. I began my new year – experiencing the fact that - It is never too late to enjoy your childhood!!!

And before I forget – Wish you all a happy, peaceful and a prosperous new year!!!