Thursday, March 11, 2010


Yet another ordinary day at work! I was pondering over some stuff, when I was passed a sheet.

It read “Budget “. As my neighbor passed the sheet to me, there was an instant frown which appeared on my face. The last thing that I wanted to do wasstart my day reading opinions of media/politicians /economists/academicians / cynics on what they think the budget is and what it is not!!!

Nevertheless, I thought I would give it a quick read. To my pleasant surprise, it was not the usual analysis by economists or the complaints of the ever ready cynics It was a metaphoric version of the Budget, where the budget have been very differently related to a person’s life and the virtues/characteristics which govern it.

Though I have a difference of opinion on certain statements, I thought I should share it with everyone. So Read on…..

Birth is our opening balance
Death, our closing balance.
Prejudiced views are
our liabilities,
Creative ideas
and good deeds, assets.
Heart is our current asset,
Soul, our fixed asset,
Brain, a fixed deposit.
Thinking, our current account
Goodwill and achievements
are our capital,
Character and morals, our stock-in-trade,
Friends, our general reserves,
Values and behavior
our goodwill,
Patience is interest earned,
Love, our dividend,
Children, our bonus issues,
Education, a brand,
Knowledge is our investment.
Profit and loss is karma earned.
Before final assessment (death),
Balance your sheet.


Aakarsh said...


"Friends, our general reserves" - seems like trivializing a lot. May be they deserve something better..

gayatri said...

@ Akarsh : Yes. That was one sentence I could not quite relate to! and also the last one....Balance your sheet...seems as though you can do what you want and then attempt to balance it...which i think is definitely not how it works and how it should be.
But then like you said, it is indeed an interesting read...though extremely subjective.