Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bird Watching!!!! :-PPPP

Nature is one thing that has always fascinated me. Residing on the sixth floor, is probably a boon in disguise, as I get innumerable opportunities to observe the behaviour of birds by simply looking out of my window.

For some strange reason, the flower pots on my window sill have been the birthplace of probably a hundreds of pigeons till date. Pigeons in my opinion are the dumbest from among the bird species!I can confidently say this because I can never forget one that sat on a coca cola bottle lid for about two weeks, thinking it was the egg laid by her! ( The egg laid had probably served as breakfast to some crow/eagle/kite, when left unattended by the pigeon)

Nevertheless, I have something very nice to share with you today! Pigeons I agree are messy and dumb, but then the sight of mom teaching her little ones to fly is an adorable sight. It's so strange, but then birds too,just like human beings need to undergo training!!!! The mother/father holds the baby bird with its beak and tries to lift it. The baby bird in return tries to spread its wings and makes an attempt to fly. This process lasts for probably around two weeks till the baby bird learns to fly.

I have attached herewith a video that I managed to capture of a mother teaching her little ones to fly on my Kitchen window sill a couple of days back. Though I get to watch it quite often, each time it seems more beautiful and I am left without doubt, there could never ever be a better artist than the almighty himself!!!! Though my photography/videography skills are quite pathetic, even for an amateur, am sure, you would enjoy watching this one. So here it is........

PS. Note the bruise on one of the baby's happened due to a squabble between the two kiddos!!!!!


Legolas said...

sweet :-)

krishmetal said...

love the title ! :P
pigeons are dumb and i hate them for the fact that they put all their nest garbage inside my ac and i cannot use my ac when its soooo hot outside!!!
amazing video , u r not bad at all

gayatri said...

Thanks Legolas!!

@Krish : Am not suprised that you like the title! :-P
Glad you liked the video!!


Wow...amzing that u captured something like this!! That was some bird watching u were upto!! interesting:)

Shyamala said...

Nice video, good that you could catch it at the right moment. Thanks for sharing it because it is something I have never seen

Spideyman said...

I hate pigeonss! dumb birds...but nice video :)

c said...

the video looked more like the mother pigeon feeding its children ,than teaching it to fly.

Calling pigeon dumb is very naive and uncalled for.

Pigeons have for a very long time known for their homing ability which is truely remarkable .

You could read about it in Wiki.
Or to know more about pigeons , you should see salman first movie -Maine pyaar kiya... :-)
( Masakali )

gayatri said...

Thankyou everyone.

@C - Will try to capture a better moment sometime when i get the chance, so that you would be able to agree.
As regards, this video, it is the begining of the flying exercise. Maybe if you read what I have written and see it you would be able to relate to it more.