Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Welcome 2010!!! :)

As we move on in life, we learn a lot through people. The optimism and positivity that we encounter in course of our interaction with people, is something that has the power to change perspectives, approaches and also a person’s outlook towards life.
More than often, to many of us, New Year’s Eve implies partying or spending time with friends or family. However, not everyone would endorse spending New Year’s Eve at home, and that too in the company of their grandparents or someone as old as their grandparents….. I have a totally different story to tell. 1st Jan 2010, was a terrific start to my new year. I stayed home and was extremely blessed to spend it in the company of the teacher who initiated me to the Veena – Smt. Bhagirathi Narayanaswamy (Mami), and her aunt (who I call Chitti).

The zeal and enthusiasm for life that chitti has is stupendous. At the age of 82….she made the atmosphere so lively and energetic….solely by her enthusiasm and eagerness to try everything and be involved in everything. 31st December night was a simple affair and all we did was talked and talked more…, over a cup of ice cream. 1st January was however extremely eventful.
We went window shopping, had north Indian Thali and finished with Falooda and Ice-cream. Every shop in the mall had the privilege of our visit. Mind you – we did not even spare the road side Candy Floss and were pretty disappointed to know that we were a little too late, as the pop-corn guy had shut shop for the day. Mami at 75 was no less and was equally energetic to run all round the city to shop for a zillion things under the sun. Be it Vada Pav or a mid-night cup of coffee…they were game for everything!

They stayed with me for a week, and every moment, every conversation that we had is something that I would cherish. Their energy level was extremely contagious and simply by their innocent talks and questions, they had made the environment so dynamic and cheerful! What touched me more than anything was the honestly and genuineness which was so evident in almost everything that they did. Simplicity was the essence of their life and it was the fundamental principle that governed almost everything under the sun. They sure did have their share of issues, but the ability to wish well for everyone, added charm to their personality. Looking at the manner in which we – the present generation seem to be moving, I cannot help but wonder at times, whether we would actually enjoy life the way they did. Now that I have written, the above statement, I am sure; I would have people looking daggers at me saying it is an extremely personal and a subjective perspective. Often we have people trying to justify that they are enjoying their lives to the fullest. But, after giving due consideration to the element of subjectivity and other similar arguments, if one sits to think honestly, he/she would realize that we more than often tend to miss out on the smaller and the more beautiful things in life.

A week back, mom and I were having a quiet late dinner, when Chitti called. It was around 10 .45 P.m. and we were wondering if everything was ok, as it was not too normal to receive a call from her that late. But she had called, simply to say that she was missing the mid-night cup of coffee. Though it was hardly a week that they had left, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with nostalgia.
It was an experience, a realization, a learning experience. I began my new year – experiencing the fact that - It is never too late to enjoy your childhood!!!

And before I forget – Wish you all a happy, peaceful and a prosperous new year!!!