Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Adios 2010!!

2010 has been a tough teacher! :) Nevertheless, I am grateful to all the reinforcement, affirmation and reiteration that it had to offer. It certainly has contributed to my growth as an individual. Definitely not my best year but I am sure I have been luckier than many others!!

The biggest learnings, that I could pen down, even in the state of sleep deprivation would be :

We are never alone. God is always walking besides us. Give him a chance to speak, and be his audience. You will get your answers.

Friendship is one of the world's most beautiful relationship. Cherish it.

True friends are those who stand by you at all times, pull you up when you are astray from the right path, empathize when they cannot do much, but help you wade your way without getting judgemental about you or any one else.
Treasure them!

Sometimes the best way to be happy in life is to let go.

Treasure those people to whom you really matter; not for their selfish reasons but out of good will for you.

Emotions are like glass. Very brittle. Handle with care.

Faith, Prayer and hope are the three pillars on which life revolves.

Life is not about yourself and your happiness. Make an attempt to make a difference to people who need you. Life would be worth living.

It is always better to go somewhere where you are wanted rather than go somewhere where you want to.

Always remember - Life may have been slightly unfair to you. But you have always been more fortunate than a lot many.

Health is the biggest wealth. Not many are blessed with it. Learn to appreciate it.

After life, a good family is the biggest blessing that you could be born with. Never let go of them.

Respect others for their decisions/opinions, though they may not be right or in line with your expectation.

If you judge yourself by your intentions, do the same with others. Do not judge them on their actions.

Will end with my first learning - We are never alone. God is always walking besides us. Give him a chance to speak, and be his audience. Have faith in him. The Holy Spirit would always be a guiding force. God will take care!

A huge list, if due consideration is given to the fact that I have been sleep deprived. Nevertheless, do add to the list, if you have any interesting learnings to share.