Sunday, December 21, 2008

My take on perceptions - Carnatic Music and Hindustani Music

Recently I came across a thread wherein there was strong criticism of Hindustani and Carnatic Music by the Carnatic music and Hindustani Music fanatics respectively. It definitely came in as a surprise, more so because I had just returned after attending the music concerts at Sawai Gandharva - Pune.

Friction between the fans and artists of the two styles is not an unknown fact. But sadly, what is affected in the midst of opinions, tastes, views and perception is Music at large. I happened to read about Carnatic Music being revived and Hindustani on the other hand struggling to make its mark. I somehow tend to disagree with it –more so after listening to the fantastic vocal performance by youngster Arshad Ali.

Talking about appreciation, I certainly do believe that down South, Hindustani Music still needs to make a mark, where as the Carnatic style has somehow managed to fit in well. I may sound slightly biased, but I say that with the conviction as I was a witness to an audience of over 15000 sitting through, enjoying and appreciating the performance by the Violin Maestros- Ganesh and Kumaresh.
Another issue that I came across was people squabbling as to which is a bigger event – the Music season at Chennai or the Sawai Gandharva held at Pune. ILLOGICAL COMPARISION again.

Music season – spreads across over a number of days in December and has many players – Sabhas, artists etc. involved. Sawai Gandharva is unique in its own style. Based in Pune, it is a single platform providing opportunities to different forms of performing art. It is altogether a different ball game. The bottom line is that both provide a platform to veterans and youngsters to demonstrate their skill and both definitely contribute to the growth and promotion of Indian Classical Music. They may have their share of positives or negatives – and it is always better to look at the brighter side. So it boils down to the fact that a true music lover is capable of inculcating the better aspects of any music within him.

So here is my plea to my non-existent readers - Please do not make sharp statements about things you do not know on Public Forums. It seriously has a damaging effect on novices who are being introduced to Music or any art form for the first time.