Friday, November 27, 2009

Dad - my guiding force!!!

You walk beside them
You feel.....they have always been there

Yet..... when you meet them,
You realize they never meant to be there

Says my dear old dad

"That does not mean they are bad,

just because it makes you sad
It sure does make you mad
atleast you know where you stand........

"You ought to be glad
For where you stand

As life may not always be fair
So bury the potholes with fresh sand

Difficult as I try...
It does make a difference....
To look beyond people for what they are

for perception is from what you hear
which may be different from what they are

Ignorant about a zillion things
Innocent about a few more

Somehow with dad around
Everything lost seems found

A guidng force....filled with cheer.

A support system ....always near
Reassurance ....crushing all my fear

A soulful pure and clear

Dynamic, Strong, fearless, honest
Simplicity and intelligence at its best

I simply cannot cease to thank God

For having blessed me with someone so dear!

Pa - you simp
ly are the Best!!!!!


Chitra Raju said...

Indeed gayatri lovely thoughts...i feel exactly as you dad is also the best person i hav ever seen or met and immensely lucky that he is my dad..:)

Carl said...

another gem from the all-star Daddy's Girl!!! Beautifully etched poetry. Am thinking almost all of us children (some boys, most girls) would relate to these lines really closely!!

swathi said...

nice one gaya :D

gayatri said...

Thankyou Chitra and Carl!

Thx Swat - Am honoured to have your comment on my blog lil sis! I can be sure that we at least agree on this one! :-P

thejas said...

nice1 gayatri... something v close 2 many of us ...

veena said...

Amazing. I am touched!

gayatri said...

Thanks Thejas and Veena!

Arati said...

Hey gayatri...brilliant poem...this one I guess is my favourite amongst all that u have written!! and i so relate to it!

gayatri said...

Thanks Arati!!! :-) its something most of us would be able to relate to!! :)