Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Life…at its best

A parchment….she finds,
Starts working on her mind
Rewinding her time
Held her through the grind

Holding it with a firm hand
Least important though it may be
Not wanting to leave it behind.
Ironical as it may seem,

She does not want to let go of it...
For all the joy it means.
She does not want to let go of it..
For the memories it helps her re live

Many such parchments in their distinct way
Help her live life, her way
Guide her and show her the right way
To make her what she is today

The beauty being the love
For every tread moved
Filled with unflinching conviction
Happy with her life lived.

Her mind filled with emotions
Swaying in different ways
She eagerly looks forward
To yet another wonderful day


Carl said...

Beautifully written!!! getting emotional are we?? it also kinda syncs with my last blog entry, about the bond that such parchments (mine's the mundane "letter") leave with us...

Vimal said...

this is good. i thought u had given up on writing! where HAVE u been?!

paranoidslayer said...

"Holding it with a firm hand
Least important though it may be"...

dont we just sometimes know thats its better to let go of something which only haunts you or may remind you..but then you realize that its become a part of you..

gayatri said...

Thanks Carl and Vimal!

@ Paranoidslayer - Yes more than often it may do us good to let go....but then we do cling on to certain things because like you said it has become a part of you...and made you what you are today in some way.

Another way of looking at it is we could do without a particular thing...but then we do not choose to becuase we feel it is a necessity for our own varied reasons!