Monday, April 27, 2009


It has been a long while that I have posted anything and I would blame it on the fact that I needed some time off - to do some random thinking as I just got back home a couple of weeks back after a thoroughly enriching experience of two years at hostel.

The most astonishing fact being that thinking was one thing that I did effectively when at hostel, as it gave me a lot of time to myself and yet at the same time kept me busy. But I find myself doing it even more now.

I would surely say it has been one hell of an experience.
It started with the cultural shock and then came the lifestyle shock.
People seemed to have literally nothing to do and yet again at times, they were too busy ( busy doing what?? Perceptions on that is something totally I shall refrain from commenting on that)
At times you feel homesick, but then at times you feel that you would miss the times you have had. You would despise certain people yet you would feel that you would miss them in future.

You would find that someone has a problem with you all the time and the problem gets weirder with the person. Not to mention, that you too are a weirdo to someone else. Its mutual...

You are excited about something, and try to put in your best, yet at the same time you feel life would have been better without it but then, you also have to say that you are glad that you got to do that particular thing.

It is said that money can change relationships, here I would say competition, ego and the fact of being together (an overdose of each other - if I may term it that way) possibly changes relationships.
Emotions swaying tempers rising....does catch you off guard.....but wading through it successfully is something which makes you look at life differently.
It is so strange that at times we hate certain things but yet when given an option to live life again afresh, we choose not to SHIFT + Delete it.

You get a reality check…..about yourself, perceptions, tend to realize how fortunate you have been and how not so fortunate the other one has been.

In the end, at times it may turn out to be the end of something and the beginning of the same thing with the same person.

Its strange as, even though I get nostalgic looking at photographs, videos etc., I do not know what exactly time has in store for what has been built over the two years.
I do not know for sure whether I miss my hostel life, but it has given me a lot of things to think about and it would definitely take me a lifetime to sit and analyze every aspect of it…and I probably would keep posting about it for a while now and then.
To sum up for now - it indeed was a Puzzling, Enjoyable, Memorable and a very big learning experience!


Carl said...

Nice Post!! I guess being away from a protective environment like home, to a new environment (even if it's a semi-protective hostel, actually accelerates the maturing process (exceptions notwithstanding). But do you also get this feeling that you're seeing things differently or really seeing differences in the way things are 2 years ago to now?

Aravind Govindan said...

Just came through your blog.It was great ... I like it.

Aakarsh said...

I always believed that every person must go through this phase called Hostel Life. And i cannot clearly cite definite reasons for believing so. Your post sketches one of the many reasons i often try to explain to people.

Nice post.

Umesh said...

Good one.....