Thursday, August 6, 2009

VT/CST/ Local Trains – A shade in the palette of Mumbai

The sight at CST (VT station) during the peek hours – 8 30 to 10 am in the morning and 6 30 to 8 in the evening….is a must watch for any Mumbaite!
One can just stand and manage to kill time by simply watching people and their mannerisms. People have absolutely No time at their disposal…You would find the most versatile combination scurrying across the platform and rushing to their workplace or on their way back home.
From the elderly, to the working class and the collegians, VT station is a place which is always bustling with activity. It is real good fun to watch and observe people here.

The never ending queue to take the special bus – (Bus number 1) to Nariman Point, and the squabble between the drivers of the share taxi’s….the long queue at the ticket counters at all hours and the mad frenzy to jump into the train before even having arrived on the platform – this place is indeed one of the most dynamic locations of Mumbai.
There is so much more to this place…the beautiful architecture is something no ordinary man would miss.
The ‘chaat’ that you get in the subway is not bad either. And how can I forget those two old ladies whom I see everyday – one selling snacks and the other selling Bhel – usually on the first two platforms. McDonalds/Pizza Hut Vs. road side sandwich wale – both seem to have a good number of takers.

My eyes invariably tend to notice the nice/ not so nice, weird, funny and sometimes ‘atrocious ‘dressing sense of people. One thing that has always amused me is the typical ladies wearing Short skirts (Who invariably make me feel that I have way too many clothes on!) They look smart, no doubt and I totally agree to the fact that they have their own distinct classy look. What amuses me is when a few say they wear short skirts because they are comfortable during the rains! Yes totally agreed! They definitely are. But talking of comfort, I do not really understand where high pointed heels and rains go together. I think you simply stick to the fact that you want to be and like to be a little more glamorous rather than coming up with any illogical explanation. And more importantly why someone would really want to justify his clothing unless and until he/she is way too conscious or feels out of place in it
But on a lighter note, it’s completely hilarious to watch these ladies who wear skirts to feel comfortable during the rains, struggle to walk in their pointed heels. : D
Even the Shops in the subway, selling all possible things that you can come up with seem to be doing good business.

And how can I forget what really prompted me to write this post – VT station/ Local trains would be next on the list when it comes to social networking – after Face book/ Orkut. I really have lost count of the number of old friends/ acquaintances; I have met in the last couple of months. I revisit my school days/ college days every now and then. Courtesy – VT Station/ local Trains.
I really cannot help but wonder – have the terrorist attacks changed the perception of CST in the minds of people ? I really don’t think so. People are moving on and CST still continues to be the heart of Bombay.


Sriram said...

Fun to read and well presented.

gayatri said...

Thankyou Sriram!

Girish said...

nice one gayatri.....
keep it up...

Aanya said...

I know how it is at peak hours. But we still love our local trains dont we. nice post ;)

Post Man said...

i have been to mumbai only once and it was way back in 2001 or so.....u have presented everything in the exact manner i saw. I have found the city absolutely different from other indian cities. i have liked ur simple but effective presentation....would be looking forward to read more from you...i am following you :)

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Maddie said...

Hi Gayatri!

Have always found the vibrat nature of Mumbai appealing... its always attracted me to that city... never got a chance to visit the city, but would like to travel in the local train (Especially after having read about it and having travelled in local train in Madras)...
nice post...

Maddie (

gayatri said...

Thankyou Postman.
Keep visiting and posting your views :)

Thanks Maddie. You are right on Mumbai being a very vibrant city! You should visit Bombay sometime. I am sure you would like the place!

Anonymous said...

I am happy to meet someone who likes to "observe" human (and may be animal) behavior !! I have always been like you :)

I agree with you, that place is one of the best ti kill time observing people !! Though I have seen people who hail from not so busy places on earth, not liking the Mumbai lifestyle very much !!

We Cognize said...

Oh, so you are into music. I too am a music lover. I listen to old Bollywood songs (Rafi fan).

Speaking of musical instruments, what I have been thinking of is "Sitar".. and I think I am falling in love with its sounds :).... but I am not a musician.. so am not very well aware of these things.

Your Very informative post gave a new dimension to my musical thoughts. I am happy to gain this new knowledge. :)

gayatri said...

Thankyou we Cognize. Keep Visiting and posting your views.