Thursday, November 29, 2012

Aj   -  I so want to go on the Jumbo jet!!!! :) :)  the Emirates 747

Me - :S :S Dont be silly, that is a 100 quid more per person!
         Lets fly Air India - good leg space, reasonably priced, super food and decent entertainment.

AJ  - ( at his Cynical Best) No. Doubtful whether AI will ever take off.           

Me - Come on,  It is our National airline, and it is not going to have issues for eternity.I have travelled on it a couple of times and it has been a good experience. You are married, and so flight attendents do not matter anyway.

AJ - No. No ways, lets do Jet. They are awesome and willing to consider upgrades.                                                       

Me - Are you out of your mind. 200 quid/ person extra! :O  ( A different thing that a couple of weeks after we booked our tickets on a different airline, Jet slashed its price by 50%.  Murphy's Law at its best as always! :O  )

AJ - Ok then lets do BA. We will atleast get some miles for our Euro travel

Me - ( trying hard to convince him) BA has had its passengers stranded at the Delhi airport for 4 hours before take off and did not offer any food ( tried the food trump card, hoping it would do the needful). And if we take AI, we get points that could possibly be used on Luftansa, and also good FOOD!      

AJ - That BA incident was a one time issue, and wont happen all the time.  More importantly, we get to fly on a Jumbo jet during our return journey
Me - ( Argh! You and your Jumbo Jet) But AI, works well - it is cost effective, good food , direct flights etc. etc.

AJ - NO Air India. AI this.....AI that........blah blah.......                                                         
Me - ( This is going no where) Sigh!!  Fine! Then lets do BA.

Outcome -  A Cramped BA flight to Chennai from London - which had light bulbs missing at some seats, the television falling off the seat back, sub standard airconditioning  and flight attendents  - One Indian who messed up Tamil and to an extent his English by trying it to give it a flavour of  his understanding of the  Brit touch, another  old but sweet British guy who looked completely devastated to be on board  - I think he was reprimanded for something and was made be a part of that flight.

Return Journey - The so called BA Jumbo Jet that hubby dearest was dying to travel on -  had just about enough leg space for him, an AWFUL meal served at 5 a.m. ( we boarded the flight at 3 45.) - and did not allow us to check in an extra baggage of 2 Kilos - although we were well within our baggage limits ( 23 Kilos) . Entertainment had three latest Hindi movies - Viz. Kahani, Ferrari ki Sawari and a third movie that I had never heard of.

Lesson learnt - Always listen to your wife! :P Fly Air India! :P
You would have had - good food , Enough leg space, 40 Kilo Checkin baggage Limit, Decent Entertainment, Comfortable flying times and the Indian Experience :) :)

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