Wednesday, June 4, 2008


A life without persistence….today seems to be categorized as a fad!!
To some – It is a way of life
To some – It is what destiny has got in store for them!
To some – It is the Gift of the Lord
To some – It is Cool…

It is simply amazing as to how I come across specimens who can actually serve as antique pieces, good enough to be kept in a museum! :) ( not that i am any less)
Nevertheless – they serve to be a good source of entertainment so I should not be complaining.

A few things I realized over a period of years..

It is very easy to live life in any fashion…but tough to live it in a disciplined yet an enjoyable manner…..(ma keeps telling me this)

There are times when silence has the loudest voice .....and trust me on that it has the loudest one – be it for right or wrong reasons!

Hostel Life sure does give you a lot of certainty of what you do not want to be in life.( not quite sure whether it does say about what you want to be. I guess time would tell me that)

"Life is like music; it must be composed by ear, feeling, and instinct, not by rule" - Samuel Butler

Too philosophical is it?....But the extent of truth in these revelations, I must say has surely instilled a lot of optimism in me!

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varun said...

ure honoured gaya guess who's commenting on ure blog first....ME! lol......well the title is apt I'd say coz I really do find the post kind of random hehe :).....though a nice one....adding a few points on"Life is"
1. Life is living for someone other than ureself it could be just one other but there's got to be someone.

2. Life is for some a struggle against odds to reach their goal and for some a matter of destiny where they go where the flow takes them.

3. Life is an Enigma

P.S: Someone called me a profound philosopher recently......what the heck I tell u luk at ure post! lol