Thursday, June 12, 2008


I was wondering today…….last night I happened to talk to a friend, who I am particularly fond of!.....I tried going down the memory lane( of about 4 years) and recollect how we started talking and what our first conversation was… my dismay I could not remember!:(…I tried doing the same for a few other friends who I was relatively close to …..and to my surprise it was the same…….but the recent friends of mine….I do quite remember at least vaguely if not accurately as to how we started speaking!
Tried to analyze it a little more…..was it because there weren’t too many expectations then as they are now………or was it simply because I was younger on that day and did not really bother to look more into things! It could possibly be just the circumstance that one is in……or it probably could be nothing at all! Or may be it simply is a trait in me!
Certain friends - I remember how we met and my first conversation with them…….but then failed to figure out how the rapport developed or deteriorated! The most ironical thing is that today I fail to even recognize whether there really exists a rapport with certain people or no! J
Another funny thing is that there are a few people whom I really get annoyed with. But then when they come and talk to me once in a while I simply cannot help but respond in a nice manner though at other times I would have been more than happy to give them a piece of my mind!! ……..It is not that I want to be in their good books. At the same time it definitely does not imply that being in their bad books would matter to me much! Maybe it is just an attempt to keep things amicable and cordial! A few say it is pure hypocrisy and some proclaim it to be diplomacy…….but I beg to differ! I think it is fair enough to be that way provided you lead your own life and let others do the same!
‘Live and Let Live’ is something that I would endorse any day!
Yet another dimension that could be added would be how people involuntarily lose touch. I remember during my junior college days I used to have this niche group of friends who used to perpetually indulge in mischief and we sure did get into a lot of trouble! Today I have no clue as to where they are and the astonishing fact is that I am not even able to recollect names though the faces are still fresh in my memory! That definitely is not voluntary…… in who would want to lose touch with people with whom you have memories that you would always cherish! J
Well to sum it up…..there are times when you remember faces……when you do not want to and there are times you do not remember faces – when you really want to……there small things that you would love to remember….but unfortunately fail to………and there are things which do not really matter much and you certainly remember them without fail! And now trying to remember why I really started writing this post…………hmm……I’m afraid I do not know!

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kbharathkumar82 said...

hey... a very nice thought that has ben penned out here in ur message post....

Well i always used to think abt some of my close frns..... thinking deeply how they started interacting with me.... and how i reacted to them.... well all those are nice moments to cherish....

One thing that i really liked in the post was the foll para...

"Another funny thing is that there are a few people whom I really get annoyed with...."

Well thts really an excellent nature.... hypocrisy or diplomacy watever u call it as, its the best nature to display....wen ppl enter into corporate world they will come to know abt this, that we always need to adjust with the rest in the team / the company.... that makes us a better human being... if ny1 cant tolerate and adjust with will they adjust with a